When it comes to food, there are many different options at Alpensia. You'll surely find something that suits your taste and budget.

At Intercontinental Hotel

Flavours Restaurant
The Flavours Restaurant is a high-end dining space aiming for a healthy life and classy style.
You can enjoy a variety of clean dishes, such as Tenderloin steak, Pizza Margherita, Norwegian Salmon, 

presented by chefs with long-standing know-how from luxury hotels. 
There's alos a breakfast buffe available.

Oxy Lounge
Enjoying the exotic Alpensia Resort landscape beyond the spacious and open window, a cup of warm coffee,
It's a lounge where you can enjoy both healing and successful business.

Oxy Deli

Baked on the same day at a 5-star hotel bakery, a variety of fresh cakes and bread feasts, and a variety of wine at reasonable prices!
Oxy Deli to recharge your five senses with happiness.

At Holiday Inn Resort

Mont Blanc
You can  enjoy various oriental foods such as Korean and Chinese food at Mont Blanc Restaurant.  There's also a breakfast buffee.

It is a lounge where you can drink coffee made of premium coffee beans with your loved family and lovers and drinks with various concepts that change from season to season. It is a resting place in nature where you can relax while looking at the wonderful ski slope. 

Franchise Restaurants, located around Holiday Inn & Suite

Korean Food
Yukgaejang, Yuk Kalmyeon, Seolleongtang, Bossam

Yong Udong
Udong, jjolmyeon, teriyaki chicken over rice, tteokbokki, soft tofu stew, pork cutlet, etc. 

Pork belly, pork belly bulgogi, Korean beef bulgogi hot pot, ripe kimchi hot pot, 
spicy braised short ribs, Korean beef seolleongtang, dried radish greens soup. 

Daegwallyeong Hanwoo

Assorted sirloin, rib meat, skirt meat, fan meat, beef brisket, bulgogi, etc.

Japanese Food
Udong, Donkatsu etc

Fast Food
Domino's Pizza


BBQ Chicken

Baskin Robbins

Ice cream



Draft beer, liquor, fried chicken, smoked pork belly, golbaengi,
dry snacks, fruit snacks, fried cheese rice cakes, osam bulgogi, clear soft tofu soup, stir-fried chicken feet, etc.