The wellness program is essentially a stretching and beginners’ yoga program. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have any previous experience at all to do this program. It is all about relaxing your body, calming your mind and stretching your muscles. It’s wonderful to do after a long day in the slopes. It’ll definitely help against a sore body after skiing. Of course it's for anyone not only skiers. It will help you relive the stress from daily life and lets you focus on your inner peace for the moment. Yoga is harmony and balance. The harmony between body and mind, man and nature. That's the goal of yoga. The Yoga program at Yongpyong Resort is based on Hatayoga. With this type of yoga, you move your body slowly and deliberately into different poses that challenge your strength and flexibility, while at the same time focusing on relaxation and mindfulness 

Program [for 1 hour]
Sound Bath (Sound bowl): Listen to healing instruments with your whole body.
*For quick recovery of mental and physical fatigue through deep relaxation, 10 – 15 min.

Mindfulness Meditation Yoga: Collaboration between meditation and
yoga to develop the power to look at thought.
*Improve creativity and metacognitive skills

Easy Flow Yoga: It’s enjoyed by everyone of all ages, men and women.
Let your body flow like water.
*Improves body shape correction, balance and flexibility.

Healing Meditation Yoga: Meditation Yoga provides a comfortable rest for the body and mind.
*Energy charging ,stress relief and increased flexibility

The class is held in English with our wonderful Yoga teacher Ishana.

What to wear or bring
Wear anything you want, even your ski clothes. Preferably they should of course be comfortable. It's mandatory to wear a mask.
There’s filtered water so no need to bring your own bottle.