At High1 Resort, they have a fantastic concept called “High1 Pet Club”. They have a whole condominium specifically for guests with pets. There’s a restaurant where you can even seat your dog at the table and there’s even a special menu for dogs. You’ll also find two outside play pens and a temporary “storage” facility for your pet. There’s also a dog kindergarten where you can leave your pet for a while If you per chance want to do something where you can’t bring them. Like going skiing for example! 

Some things to think about:
- Bring a rabies vaccination certificate within two years.
- Make sure to bring a leash or chest strap shorter than 2M
- Dogs are strictly prohibited from entering other than designated places in the pet club.
When using a public place, if a dog causes damage to a guest or causes a dog accident, (dog owner) is responsible.

-Dogs who are not allowed under the Animal Protection Act:
1.Tosa Inu / mix
2. American pit bull terrier / mix
3. American Staffordshire Terrier/ mix
4. Staffordshire bull terrier/ mix
5. Rottweiler / mix