Guide On How To Wear Ski Boots As A Beginner

As a beginner, figuring out how to wear ski boots can be challenging, but don't worry we all start somewhere! 

Read below a helpful how to all about ski boots!


  • Open all the buckles and the power strap at the top of the boot
  • To open the boot, grab the loop of the tongue and pull it forward away from you and then to the side.
  • Stand up, step in to the boot, first slide in your toes and then your heel.
  • You might need to bend your knees and push forward to get the foot in at the correct position (Note that it’s very difficult to put your ski boots on right when you’re sitting down.)
  • Grab the tongue loop and pull up on everything. The tongue should be positioned in the middle against your shin and the buckles should lay over correctly.
  • Stand up with your heel on the ground and your toe pointed up at about a 45-degree angle to the ground.
  • Close the power strap but don’t do it tightly yet..
  • Start closing the buckles at the top of the boot and work your way down.
  • Close the top buckles until you get a clear snap sound. It should take some power to close the buckles. If you’re having to push hard to close it, it’s too tight. The second buckle from the top is the most important one for keeping your heel in place.
  • Take your power strap and close it so that it matches the firmness of the top buckles.
  • Push forward and fasten the lower buckles. You want enough tightness to hold your boot closed, but not so tight that you’ll stop the blood circulation to your feet. If you close it too tight, you’ll notice that it will slightly change the plastic.


  • When standing upright, your toes should touch the front of the boot a little. You shouldn’t be able to move your toes much — once you push forward in a ski position you’ll have more room.
  • When you push forward in a ski position, you’ll feel your toes move away a little from the front of the boot. You shouldn’t feel any pressure points.
  • You may need to re-adjust your strap and buckles after a going a few time
  • Remember that the tighter and better your boots fit, the easier it will be to control your skis.
  • Set your skis next to each other on a flat surface or across the slope (don’t point the skis down or up the slope, stand on the side so you won’t slide down). Put your skis on close to where you want to start skiing, for example near a chairlift
  • Skis typically aren’t made for the right or left foot.
  • Make sure the heel pieces of the ski bindings are pushed down.
  • Use your ski poles to tap extra snow from your boots. Or tap your boots carefully against the toe or heel piece of your binding to remove the snow. (Snow stuck on the bottom of boots is a s reason people can’t get into their skis.) Also clear the binding’s toe piece of snow.
  • Plant your poles for balance. If you’re on a hill, you’ll want to put on your downhill ski first. This will give you more stability before you click into the second ski.
  • Put the toe of your boot with the toepiece of the binding. You know your skis are in the correct direction if the ski brake is under your heel.
  • Standing on your toes, look back at your heel piece and drop your heel down into the binding until you hear a solid click. The heel piece should now be flipped up and your boot should be secured to your ski.


  • Find a somewhat flat spot.
  • Insert the pointy tip of your ski pole into the release point of the heel piece.
  • Push down hard to release your boot from the binding.
  • Lift your foot to the side and step out of the binding.
  • Open all of your Buckles, starting at the toe and working your way up to the top buckle.
  • Pull the tongue of the boot forward and off to the side to open the boot up. Grab the back of the boot and push it away as you pull your foot out.