If you're going to  Alpensia Resort or Yongpyong Resort and are coming with KTX from Seoul,
there's a very convenient, free of charge shuttle bus that leaves twice a day from Jinbu station.

The bus is a round trip bus, so it also leaves from the resorts to go back to Jinbu Station.

Operation period: from November 1, 2022 to the time of separate notice
Operation section: Jinbu Station (KTX) ↔ Alpensia Resort (Welcome Center) ↔ Mona Park Yongpyeong (Bliss Hill Stay)

TypeRound tripFrom Jinbu Station (KTX)
to the resort
From Yongpyong Resort
to Jinbu Stn
From Alpensia Resort
to Jinbu Stn
2 round trips
  • It takes about 20 minutes.
  • Please note that only Yongpyong Resort and Alpensia Resort guests can board on the bus. When boarding the bus, please present your reservation confirmation paper or your Yongpyong Resort or Alpensia Resort membership card to the driver. 
  • For your safety, you will not be allowed to board when the seats are full.
  •  Above timetable is subject to change following the KTX timetable

During the high season, there's also extra shuttles that are going to both Yongpyong Resort and Alpensia Resort.

Jinbu Station (KTX) ↔ Alpensia Resort (Welcome Center) ↔ Mona Park Yongpyeong (Bliss Hill Stay) and round trip
Operation period: December 9, 2022 to February 28, 2023 

Round TripFrom Jinbu Station (KTX)
to Yongpyong & Alpensia
From Yongpyong Resort to Jinbu StanFrom Alpensia Resort
to Jinbu Stn
1 (only Fri/Sat/Sun/Holiday)09:3012:0012:08
6 (Fri/Satu/SunHoliday only)20:00--
  • The above operating hours may vary depending on road conditions and KORAIL operation conditions.
  • Seats are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and standing seats are not operated for customer safety.

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