At Alpensia you'll find three different accommodations, Intercontinental Hotel, Holiday Inn Resort Hotel and Holiday Inn Suite Hotel.  When it comes to checking in, Intercontinental Hotel and Holiday Inn Resort Hotel takes their check in at the hotel lobby. However when it comes to Holiday Inn & Suite Hotel, you have to go to the Alpensia Welcome center to check in.

Intercontinental Hotel

Intercontinental Hotel consists of a variety of rooms specialized for business and relaxation,
including the finest suite rooms where you can feel elegant and cozy with the interior made of natural materials.
Intercontinental Hotel has three restaurants, a spa, a fitness center, a kids club, a meeting and a board  room.

Superior King

Executive Suite

Holiday Inn Resort

With its natural interior, you can feel elegant and cozy, including the finest suite rooms.
It consists of a variety of rooms specialized for business, relaxation, etc.
Holiday Inn Resort has two resturants, meeting room and a buisness center.

Superior Queen

Terrace Suite

Holiday Inn & Suite 

With reasonable freedom, Holiday Inn and Suite's rooms offer family and family peace of mind.

Alpensia Welcome Center - check in for Holiday Inn & Suite

Standard Double

Luxuary Suite

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