2023-24 Yongpyong Resort Introduction

To new and previous guests,

 Let's introduce the four seasons comprehensive resort Yongpyong Resort.

Located in Gangwon-Do Pyeongchang-Gun Daegwan-Myeon, the resort is famous not only for hosting many national and

East Asian competitions since 1975, but as well as being the first ski resort in Korea.  The resort's Rainbow course was the site

for the Alpine skiing of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. They are set to also host the 2024 Youth Winter Olympics!

1. Accomodation

Yongpyong Resort has several accomodations to choose from to suit your taste. 
Such as luxury hotels, modern European condominiums, and inexpensive youth hostels.
The guest rooms are located within walking distance of the ski resort and are equipped with convenient facilities for each family

2. Food

 At the restaurants and food courts in Yongpyeong Resort, you can enjoy various kinds of snacks, 
traditional Korean food, and representative foods from all over the world.

The carefully prepare dishes from fresh ingredients will captivate your taste buds

3.Other facilities (Seminar, conferences)

Yongpyeong Resort also has facilities for various events such as seminars, conferences, and large-scale performances.

Here Yongpyeong Resort has hosted numerous festivities such as the International Ski Festival, the Sing Ski Festival and many

more to promote international relations in Korea.

4. Waterpark & Sauna/Spa

Yongpyeong Water Park is divided into indoor and outdoor areas, so you can enjoy playing in the water all year round.

Create unforgettable memories at Yongpyeong Water Park, where everyone from children to adults can enjoy together, including exciting slides, cozy spas, surfing, and massage pools. 
There’s also a food court if you get hungry and a medical office for your safety. You can also comfortably, store your belongings in one of the many lockers. 

In Dragon Valley Hotel at 1F and 2F you can find a relaxing sauna, at 2F there’s also a spa for you to enjoy.

6. Balwangsan Mountain Cable Car

You can enjoy the breathtaking and beautiful scenery that changes with the seasons while riding Korea's longest round-trip cable car of 7.4km. The path also provides a hiking trail where you can relax and enjoy healing in the cozy nature of Balwangsan Mountain,  the 12th highest mountain in Korea. Vistiors can also enjoy other spots such as Yongseong, Balwangsu Garden, and Balwangsan Skywalk. 


At Yangpyong Resort families with children can enjoy the 200-meter-wide Sledding slope. 
It is just as fun for the children as the adults. 


Above the mountains the Skywalk offers an amazing view of the snowy mountain range below. 

Balwangsu Garden

The gardens offer gorgeous sites year round and during the winter the icicles on the trees and plant look like a winter wonderland! 

7. Directions

From Seoul

By car it takes about 2,5 hours. However depending on traffic it can take longer.

From Gangneung

By car it takes about 30 min. However depending on traffic it can take longer.