2023-24 High1 Resort Introduction

Let me introduce High1 Resort, 

a place full of fun activities and beautiful sights. 

High1 Resort is a large-scale comprehensive recreation facility with ski resorts, golf courses, casinos, and accommodations 

in Gohan-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do. 

High1 is a cultural tourism leisure resort consisting of Gangwon Land Convention Hotel,

 Gangwon Land Casino, Gangwon Land Hotel, High1 Ski, High1 C.C., High1 Hotel, Valley Condominium, 

and Mountain Condominium, centering on High1 Resort.

1. Accommodation

The main tower and convention tower of the High1 Grand Hotel, where Kangwon Land Casino is located, 

is divided into three complexes: Mountain Condominium, Hill Condominium, and Valley Condominium. 

Each condominium offers different rooming experiences, but all will offer you maximum comfort.

There is also the High1 Palace Hotel, which offers a variety of suits and is located 1,100 M above sea level.

2. Food

At High1, you can enjoy delicious food after an exciting day in the snow!
 Grand Table Buffet serves 180 different types of dishes from around the world, all made with fresh ingredients.

There was a luxurious Korean restaurant called Unamjeong, named after the house in Sikgaek. 

However, as of July 2018, it has been remodeled and now operates as a traditional tea house.

3. Water World

High1 Water World, a water park, was officially opened on July 5, 2018.
It has the largest wave pool and indoor pool in Korea, and it is open to enjoy throughout all four seasons.

Water World at High 1 Resort is divided in to three zones: Poseidon, Island, and Family. 

In each zone you can enjoy various slides and pools. There are also several snack booths, restaurants, cabana rentals, and gift shops.

 There’s something that suits everyone!

4. Leisure Facilities

Snow World

High1 Resort also operates Snow World, Alpine Coaster, and Trekking Courses, which are representative leisure facilities. 

Alpine Coaster

Alpine Coaster is a leisure facility that covers 2.2 kilometers and

allows you to enjoy the nature of High1 Resort at a thrilling speed! 

Sky1340 & Gondola

High1 is now branding Sky1340 to focus on off-season tourism outside the ski resort 

by installing a crystal cabin with see through floors.

5. Mountain Course

The trail is called Untan Godo and the surrounding roads have been developed into a trekking course. 

Prior to the opening of the Taebaek Line in the 1960s and 70s, it was an unpaved industrial road to transport coal 

from the area to Hambaek Station. 

This place is also one of the nation's leading mountain biking trails.

6. Directions

You can take a bus or a train from major locations in Korea such as 

Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport, Seoul, and Busan to Sabuk and Gohan, where High1 Resort is located. 

Then, take a shuttle bus from Sabuk or Gohan Station to the resort, or take a 20 minute taxi ride from Singohan Bus Terminal.

In the case of Incheon International Airport, you can conveniently take a direct shuttle bus to the resort.

By car it takes approximately 3 hours. However, depending on traffic, it can take longer.