At High1 Resort there are two different ski houses that you can use depending on where you are staying. If you are staying in the Mountain Condominium, Grand Hotel Main Tower or Convention Tower then you can simply use the Mountain Ski House. If you’re staying in Hill Condominium, Valley Condominium or Palace Hotel then Valley Ski House is the one for you. 


Mountain Ski House

4F - Gondola Storehouse
3F - Gondola Station, Locker
2F - Game Room, Ski Accessory Shop, Facilities
1F - Ticket Booth, Rental, Locker, Ski Lesson Reception Desk, Resort Card Desk,
Kids Ski School, Cafeteria, Season Bus Desk, Sickbay, Patrol Station, Locker Room, Facilities.
B1 - Parking lot (135 cars available)

Valley Ski House

4F - Convenience Facilities
3F - Valley Gondola Station, Locker, Facilities
2F - Cafeteria, Ticket Booth, Patrol Station, Sickbay, Facilities
1F - Ticket Booth, Information Center, Rental, Locker, Ski Lesson Reception Desk, information desk, Facilities
B1 - Parking lot