At Yongpyong Resort skiing is not the only option to experience the nature.
You can also try out trekking/hiking on one of the many courses in the mountains. The most popular course is the Um Heung Gil course.
The course is named after a famous, Korean mountaineer with the same name.

The course is 4.8 km and takes about 2,5 hours to complete. Along the way there are several rest stops to regain your energy. Along the course there’s also the popular experience spot Ani-Fore. It’s a place where you can enjoy the forest and meet cute alpacas, sheep, and other animals (tickets must be bought to enter to meet the animals). You’ll also find a small café, where the server is a robot arm!

When you finally arrive at the end of the course you’ll find yourself at the Dragon Castle where the Skywalk and Cable car is located. It’s recommended to take the cable car down (make sure you buy the cable car ticket at the Dragon Plaza before you start your trekking/hiking or with us online) not only is it nice for your legs but you’ll also be able to enjoy the beautiful view on the longest cable car in Korea. And finally, if you’re hungry after your trekking/hiking journey, there’s also a café and a restaurant that serves various types of food such a tonkatsu (pork cutlet) , western food and galbitang (Korean meat stew).