If you're looking for that little extra for your trip, we highly recommend taking a visit to the luxurious High 1 Resort. At the resort, among all other things, you’ll also find the spectacular Kangwonland Casino. High 1 Resort is located approx. a 3-hour drive away from Seoul. The resort has three different luxury hotels and four condominiums.

High1 Grand Hotel Convention Tower

The hotel prepares dignified and best services for a successful business event. Up-to-date facilities such as large-sized LED screen, high tech audio and video equipment to provide the optimal spaces for international meetings, seminars or conferences.

250 rooms, in categories of Superior, Luxury Suite, Executive Luxury Suite and Royal Suite.
The royal suite boasts an amazing floor area of 495m2. The hotel has 23 floors.

Amenities at the hotel include a Sky Lounge at the 23rd floor, Spa, fitness studio, sauna,
a Sky Garden that’s available in the summers and a fabulous restaurant.

Superior Double room

High 1 Grand Hotel Main Tower

The hotel is equipped with classic and modern features and provides customers with coziness and the best comfort. With rooms and dining facilities that can suit any type of customer. An elegant hotel with the best service.

477 rooms, in categories of Standard, Junior Suite, Executive Luxury Suite, Executive Ondol Suite, Executive Royal Suite and the Presidential Suite Room. The hotel has 24 floors. On the fourth floor you’ll find the Grand Table, a restaurant with Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets prepared by excellent chefs. The cuisine includes 180 kind of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and western foods made with fresh ingredients.

Amenities at the hotel are several restaurants, café, wine & delicatessen, cinema, garden, sauna with swimming pool, a gift shop, pet shelters, toddler playroom, pharmacy, and customer service center.

Standard Double

High1 Palace Hotel

The hotel offers nature which you can break away from everyday life and cure your tired body and mind. Located 1,100 meters above sea level, the European-styled hotel is adjacent to High1 Country Club that can be enjoyed n the nature, along with dining and great facilities that offers the best service.

199 rooms, in categories of Standard, Junior Suite and Premier Suite. You’ll find a great breakfast buffet with an excellent Korean and Chinese menu, a café, room service, sauna, healing house and a convenience store.

Standard Double

High1 Mountain Condominiums A-E Wing

The condominiums are optimized fir family customers. You’ll find everything from premiere suites to deluxe. The condominiums range in sizes from 109m2 to 297m2. Perfect for when traveling in larger groups.

280 rooms, in categories of Deluxe, Family Suite, Mountain Suite and Premier Suite. There are also three, smaller seminar rooms.

When it comes to amenities they have a buffet restaurant, restaurant, convenience store, toddler playroom, roller skating rink, recreation room and a specialty coffee shop.

High1 Mountain Condominiums F, G Terrace Wing
You can feel the grandeur of the Baekdudaegan mountain range majestically toning up in view from all the guest rooms. The nature of Gangwon province that you can experience right from your terrace will induce deep relaxation.

157 rooms, in categories of Deluxe, Royal Suite and The Penthouse at 330m2.

When it comes to amenities there are two banquet halls, convenience store, multi-purpose room, game world and a planetarium.

Mountain Suite

High1 Hill Condominium

The favorite place of Korean ski fanatics. It ranks the highest among convenient condominiums
due to its closeness to the ski facilities and have lockers installed at the entrance.

343 rooms, in categories of Superior, Deluxe and Suite. There are 2 banquet halls, a cafeteria, a big restaurant suited for groups,
convenience store and a toddler playroom. You'll also find the Pet Club in this condominium.

Hill Superior

High1 Valley Condominium

A little village in the Alps, as if found in a fairytale. Valley Condominium consist of
economical condominiums and facilities, a favorite among skiers and guest with economy in mind.

123 rooms, in categories of Standard, Superior and Family Suite. At the condominium you’ll find
karaoke rooms, a cafeteria, convenience store and a pizza restaurant.

Standard Double

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