At Yongpyong Resort you can choose from a huge variety of restaurants, cafe, bars etc.
There is something for everyone, even Halal food.


The Chalet
Dragon Valley Hotel 1F
Korean Cuisine, International Cuisine and Breakfast buffet

Hanwoo BBQ Resaurant
1st floor of the Valley Center in front of the Dragon Valley Hotel
Menu example: Grilled Korean beef, Korean beef gukbap, yukhoe bibimbap (raw beef)

Tower front 2F
Breakfast buffet

Club House

The View Restaurant
Yongpyong Country Club
Menu example: Dried pollack hangover soup, Korean beef rice soup, grilled terrace BBQ

Birch Hill CC Clubhouse
The entrance of Birch Hill CC Clubhouse
Menu example: Soybean paste stew, grilled mackerel, rice topped with webfoot octopus, and Korean beef soup

Dragon Castle
Dragon Castle Restaurant
2nd floor of Dragon Castle
Menu example: Tonkatsu, snack set, galbitang


Food courts
Tower Plaza 1F

BHC Chicken & Pizza
Menu example: Chicken, pizza, beer

Menu example: Tonkatsu, fried rice, yukgaejang, galbitang, snacks, cold noodles

Noodle Tree
Menu Example: Donkatsu, noodles and rice bowls

Big Mom Halmae Sundaeguk
Menu Example: Sundae soup, hot pot,

Efes Kebab (Halal Certified)
Menu Example: Turkish kebab, pilaf kebab, Turkish traditional ice cream

Tower Condo 2F
Menu Example: Bossam, jokbal


Greenpia 2F
Yong Udon
Menu Example: Udon, jjamppong udon, cold buckwheat noodles, big donkatsu

Dragon Tower Plaza 1F

Hakoya and Kisoya Family
Menu Example: Japanese ramen, donkatsu, curry, udon

Micah Natural Table
Menu Example: Beef brisket soft tofu stew, kimchi stew, and earthen pot bulgogi

Lone Food China
Menu Example: Jajangmyeon, seafood jjamppong, sweet and sour pork, shrimp fried rice

Bunsik and Snack
Menu Example: Tteokbokki, udon, fish cakes, fried chicken, kimbab

Brewery M
Menu Example: Beer, burger, pasta, donkatsu, coffee

Efes Halal Food
Menu Example: Kebab, pilaf, migoreng


At the Mega Green Slope botton
Summitland the Green (former, Greensnack)
Menu Example: Pork cutlet, kimchi stew, jajangmyeon (winter season)
Pork belly, pork neck, and pork neck BBQ (Summer season)

At the Gold Slope bottom
Anifore The Gold (formerly, Gold Snack)
Menu Example: Donkatsu, udon


At the Dragon Valley Hotel 1F
Mona Bakery

At the Tower Condo 10F
Nakre (Herbal Care Cafe Lounge)
Menu Example: Healing massage chair, herbal tea, coffee, sikhye, sujeonggwa, omija tea


At the Tower Plaza 1F
Menu Example: Americano, waffles, and various drinks

At the Tower Condo 2F
Youngae's book café
Menu Example: Handmade tea, smoothie, coffee, brunch set

At the Dragon Plaza 2F
Café Kona Queens
Menu example: Hawaiian Kona Coffee (100%/Blending), Piece Cake

At the Dragon Castle 1F
Café M Stable
Menu Example: Americano, Signature Balona mocha



At the Dragon Valley hotel 2F
Dragon Coffee and Bar
Menu Example: Cocktail, whiskey, draft beer, makgeolli, snacks

At the Dragon Plaza 1F
On a Starry Night
Menu Example: BBQ set, liquor, side dishes, etc 

At the Tower Plaza B1F
Dragon Strike
Menu Example: Beer, snacks